Music video / Video art

4 11 2015

Consciousness from Louise Shazeela Beer on Vimeo.

Here is the music video / video art I created for my MA in 2011 🙂

…what a weird feeling.

17 06 2010

I can’t believe I’ve finished my final year of Uni. The last few days were Crazy Hectic!!!
Bit tired right now, will update soon about stuff.

Anyway, here’s my final production.


5 06 2010

Tired from yesterday. Glammies was great. Eye-lid twitch is back. Just got the sounds left to do for my film…
I hope my music collaborator gets it together. Been downloading sounds off the internet just in case.

Tired… want to finish… REALLY want to finish. Will be happy when I finish. Will finally relax.

Glammies tomorrow!

3 06 2010

YAY Glammies tomorrow! Still working on my showreel. Just getting all my production stuff together ready for tomorrow.
Work work work work work.

Sam managed to send me some music via e-mail for me to start sync’ing up with my animation, yay!

Back to work!

So much work still yet to do…

2 06 2010

My music collaborator was in touch with me today. Unfortunately she can’t sync all the sounds up with my animation till the weekend, due to her new job. Disappointing, as ideally I would have loved to have finished putting the sound to my film Thursday night, ready for submittal on Friday, so I could fully relax at the Glammies without it hanging over my head. Ah well, I have till Monday to get my final film together. Got the feeling that I’m going to be spending another weekend hard at work on the computer yet again.
Nevermind, soon it will all be over!

Wrote a list of everything I have to submit for my final project. It’s quite a long list but I’m steadily working my way through it.

It will be nice to finally finish, and for that damn eye-lid twitch to finally go away! 🙂


31 05 2010

Managed to meet up with my music collaborator Sam today. Gave her my final edit of my Schizophrenia short. She reckons she will get the sound done by Thursday night, which would be excellent!

Finished off the first edit of my showreel today as well. Heading into Uni tomorrow to get some feedback about it.

Probably going to have to make another trip to staples too to print out some business cards ready for the Glammies friday.



30 05 2010

I’m finishing up editing my Schizophrenia animation at the moment.
I think the most difficult thing I’m finding is finding a transition from one piece of animation to another that isn’t cheesy!
The non-additive dissolve is pretty OK, along with the cross dissolve, but premiere pro CS4’s built in Video transitions are pretty lame apart from that.
I could make an extraordinary cheesy 80’s series of wipes, spin outs e.t.c. but that’s not what I’m aiming for!

Need to get this final edit done by the end of today, as meeting up with music collaborator tomorrow.
I’m going to have a look back through my edit for the body dysmorphia animation too, see if I can improve it. 🙂